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  1. DDK (Karen Blanchet, Daniele Petit & Doris Charest) va etre en vedette à Edmonton au Centre d'arts visuels de l'Alberta du 8 septembre au 31 octobre, 2020. DDK présente leurs série 'Urbain', des oeuvres créer durant 2019-2020 au sujet de la nature qui retourne toujours dans l'urbain.

    DDK (Karen Blanchet, Daniele Petit & Doris Charest)  is showing in Edmonton at the Centre d'arts visuels de l'Alberta (CAVA) from September 8 to October 31, 2020. DDK presents their series 'Urban', works created from 2019-2020 on the subject of the return of nature in the city/urban areas.

    Studio Space available in St. Albert. For more information or to come for a visit, please contact: Carol Donald at 780 940 - 1578.

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Beverly Bunker

Beverly is an Alberta Oil painter specializing in paintings that include many facets of fine detailing and careful rendering, currently with florals. During all her years as an artist spanning from the early 1980s, every project she completed showed a personal inclination that leaned heavily into detail in some form, as this always came very naturally to her. 20 years ago Beverly made a decision to take her work into bigger formats of art through painting and oils. Since then she has worked on sizes from several feet in height and length, down to miniatures. She works on linen, canvas, and prepared gessoed panels - each one best representing the final appearance and outcome she desires for the completion of the painting.

Her painting style can best be stated as realistic, and in particular, hyper-realistic. Bev prefers working in a more direct approach which will include some loose brushwork and impasto work for a dimensional appearance in chosen areas in the details of her painting, particularly when working on canvas. However when working on a gessoed panel (which she will often prepare herself with 10 layers of gesso), the painting will be rendered in hyperrealism to give image an appearance of ‘total’ reality. In this style, variants of light and all edges must be carefully painted in order to give shape and form to the characteristics of the developing image. Hyperrealism is a very slow painting process as it requires the layers to dry before adding more depth, saturation of color, and change of values. The final outcome of the completed painting is worth all the time and effort if one is very patient (as Bev is!) and reveals a most outstanding level of mastery in oils.

Currently Bev is preparing work that will have the inclusion of 23K gold in it. She was well trained in working with gold back in the 80’s, however since she began working in oils she has not used it much. Recently she has been researching a way to bring a ‘relief process’ that she is developing herself, into her work so that raised images covered in gold can be incorporated in her upcoming series of oil paintings.

Member news (Let's brag)

  • Artist Doris Charest, received 'Signature Status' with the International Society of Experimental Artists this summer.
  • Karen Blanchet and Daniele Petit had work accepted into the 2020 annual show of the ISEA. Congratulations!
    Karen Blanchet and Doris Charest both got into the show 'Crisis' with the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver and they both got into the 1st show of the Edmonton Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists in Edmonton.

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