Art by Locals is a platform made for Canadian artists by Canadian artists.

We currently starting with Alberta based artists and will expand to other provinces as the platform grows.

With many locations for showing and buying art being closed due to COVID-19, we wanted to create an online platform that would allow people to discover and connect with artists in their local community. The website allows artists to showcase their work and people to contact them if they are interesting in purchasing a piece.

These days people want to support local creatives more than ever and we want to make it easy. You can find the best artists all in one place.

Let’s work together to boost the economy and make the country a more beautiful and creative place!  

This is a creative project by Doris Charest (Artist) and Connor Finlayson (Unicorn Factory CEO). Originating during the 'Covid times', the project aims to help artists get more visibility. We want locals to get to know their own artists.