Beverly Bunker

St. Albert

September 12, 2020

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Beverly is a well-known, professional realist and hyper-realist oil painter who lives in St. Albert Alberta. Bev has been painting and showing her work locally, nationally, and internationally for 15 years as an oil painter. Currently her works are all Portraits of florals as individuals, and as bouquets. Bev feels that showing off a singular flower heightens it’s natural beauty and portrays its essence when it is the only subject in the painting.
Bev does not generally paint large paintings. She prefers to paint singular flowers on small canvases. However, each flower or combination of flowers will dictate its own need to be presented in a particular size of canvas. Bev will go with the best presentation that she feels will best encompass the essence of any of the floral combinations.
Bev is a member of The Federation of Canadian Artists, and carries Professional Status with the International Guild of Realism, a juried process of the world’s best realist/hyperrealist painters. Bev is also an art instructor teaching weekly classes and workshops, and is currently teaching private students out of her studio.