Bonita Gillespie


October 7, 2020

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 I have always loved to travel and the photographs of these adventures provides a continuous source of enjoyment.  From my earliest days I wondered what if I could paint some of these beautiful sights?  I loved the Realistic Style of Art as taught by the Old Masters but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to create such art. I’m not a very patient person and painting in this style may take weeks if not months to complete. I was in my forties when I took a few painting classes with an artist in my community and I was hooked!   I would be able to prove the exception of the old adage “you can teach an old dog new tricks”.   Along with the adventure travel brings, it often provides new visions for me to paint. In addition to landscapes I paint portraits of both pets and people.  The majority of  my portrait work has been individual commissioned pieces. The work is both challenging but also very rewarding . . . especially when you see your furry friend or loved one looking back at you from the canvas. I usually paint from photographs in the Old Master Style using monochromatic colors to establish my values prior to tackling the main picture. What inspires me to continue to paint is the wide wonderful world we live in.  I have a belief that we all “need a reason to get up in the morning”.  What vision will  I wake up to tomorrow that will inspire me to pick up my paint brush?  My hope is that by viewing my Art you gain an admiration for this more traditional style of painting. I have originals, giclees and prints for sale.   Feel free to enquire about other paintings. I’m also on Instagram and Facebook.  Bonita Gillespie Sept 2020