Bruce Thompson

St. Albert

August 5, 2022

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**Bruce Thompson** During my career as environmental scientist, I studied many types of natural and impacted ecosystems in Canada and other parts of the world. This appreciation of place drives my interpretation of natural systems in the form of art. I focus particularly on sensitive ecologies such as grasslands, lakeshores and wetlands. I may paint a place many times, experiencing its seasons, changing colour, warmth and vibrancy. With each visit, I absorb more of its character. I paint mainly in oils and acrylics, sometimes returning to watercolour media. I have explored a process of digitally transforming my paintings of natural features, taking into account some aspects of chaos theory and reformulating the digitalized image in colour and form. Sourced always from an original painted work, the result is an entirely new and often unexpected expression. In exploring the mystery of a northern spruce bog or the diversity of a prairie slough, the process gives me new ideas about possibilities—colours, shapes, changing relationships among fractals of an image and of an ecosystem as well. From studying flows of energy through natural ecosystems, I have come to portray flows of colour and light through artistic ecosystems. I would be interested in doing workshops and teaching. I am also interested in doing commissioned works, either in my conventional oil/acrylics medium, or in digitally transformed works.