Connie Nooy

Grande Prairie

September 10, 2020

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Connie Nooy, (; Instagram: @the paintingnana), is an abstract acrylic artist residing in Grande Prairie, AB.
Connie creates art from a connection to an inner energy she is learning to trust. Intuition leads her to play with paint in ways that ignite the imagination, beauty and vitality within us all. She loves the calming and therapeutic effects of abstract painting –a welcome opposite to the detail-oriented requirements of her profession as a bookkeeper. She aims simply to bring a little beauty into the world.
She receives sincere satisfaction from witnessing people connect to her work, and as ‘The Painting Nana,’ she is blessed to witness and share this connection with her young granddaughter.
Self-taught since 2017, Connie is cultivating her style through experimentation. She does this by mixing and blending her own colours and using a variety of materials and tools. She receives glowing feedback from customers and art lovers for her use of colour, freeflow style, and overall unique effect.
Two of Connie’s paintings were selected and showcased in Calgary’s Pumphouse Theatre’s Emerging Artist Gallery 2020_ in association with Sage Theatre’s IGNITE! Festival for Emerging Artists. _Her art has also been displayed in an exhibit produced in conjunction with Alberta Arts Festival in Grande Prairie; at the Centre for Creative Arts in Grande Prairie and at Beaverlodge Arts Centre in Beaverlodge. She hosted her first solo exhibit in 2019.
Connie enjoys pursuing opportunities for growth. As a new artist in Grande Praire, she desires to extend her show attendance throughout Alberta, always looking to exhibit and share her work and passion.