Harvinder Lallh


May 20, 2021

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Bio Harvinder has always been interested in art, as a child her first medium was the humble pencil, with which she liked to doodle and draw what she saw, In school she graduated to watercolours. As a young adult, life got in the way and art had to take a back seat, then in mid-life she had the urge to paint again. This time she decided to give oil paints a try and fell in love with this forgiving and flexible medium.   After taking a few workshops from various artists and institutions for a few years she decided to enrol with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension’s Visual Arts Certificate program, from which she graduated in 2019.   Her interest has always been people and is interested in using the human figure and portraiture as a means of communicating with her viewer. Through her art she aims to tell stories of humanity, more specifically of women and girls. She wishes to capture moments of their lives and give their stories a voice. In addition, she wishes for her paintings to have no boundary, as such enjoys painting other subjects as well as abstract art.   Harvinder is the recipient of the University of Alberta’s 2018 Constance McFarland Memorial Art Award.   July 2020, her painting “Edmonton Freighter” was featured in a book produced by the Society of Western Canadian Artists. The goal of the book was to portray the City of Edmonton through the eyes of local artists. From over 190 works of art submitted, 133 pieces were selected for the book by a panel of 7 judges.   **  ** **Exhibitions**   2018- Harcourt House: paintings Blind Society and Multicoloured People) 2019 - University of Alberta Extension Gallery, as part of her graduation submitted 6 paintings rendered in oil that explored the lives of women and girls. (May 24 2019 to June 19 2019)   2019 - Harcourt House: painting title: Broken Bangles, Shattered Lives)   2019 - Misacordia Hospital   2019 and 2020 - 44 Capital Boulevard Exhibition   2020 - Spruce Grove Art Gallery   2020 - Spruce Gove Art Gallery (little gems)   2019 Featured artist of the month at Society of Western Canadian Artists   **Memberships:**   Harcourt House Society of Western Canadian Artists Allied Arts Council