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Jeff Powers

Red Deer

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Jeff Powers is a Canadian-based artist and illustrator. He especially loves to draw and paint dinosaurs. To see more of his work or commission a piece of art, visit and @jpowersart on instagram. \* \* \* Jeff Powers is an Albertan artist and illustrator. He has always had a passion for art, honing his skills as a draftsman and painter from a very young age. Jeff has spent many years perfecting both a level of skill and creative freedom in his work. He holds a Visual Art Diploma from Red Deer College and a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Lethbridge. Although he was born in southern Texas, Jeff is happy to call Canada his home. He currently resides in Red Deer, Alberta where he works out of his home studio. A trained traditional painter, Jeff now employs new digital techniques in his paintings and designs, in addition to working in traditional media. His work ranges from the visual storytelling of graphic novels, to the sublime beauty of his colorful landscapes and animal paintings. Much of the subject matter in his works comes from his own travels and experiences, drawing inspiration from his passion for the arts (reading, visual art, film and music), North American Wildlife (be they extant or extinct), and general geekery.