Karen McCallum


September 8, 2020

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So it all started as a kid while hanging out in Millcreek Ravine. That's where my love of nature began. The smell of creosote-soaked trestles and the thick woods still bring the memories back. Who wouldn't fall in love with trees and blue skies poking through? ​ Then driving to the Rockies on family vacations. Canola fields, mountains, endless blue or stormy grey skies. I hope my paintings say it all and you feel akin to the aching beauty of the Alberta landscape.  ​ When I'm not in my studio painting, you'll find me (if I'm not in the ravine near my house or in Canmore) doing the other thing I love: travelling around to various elementary schools teaching art to kids who are always ready to dabble in anything that looks messy and fun. ​ My home and native land is beautiful Canada, in a province called Alberta, in a city called Edmonton, in a neighbourhood called Aspen Gardens, with my husband, 3 kids, our old dog, Charlie, and my grand-dogs, Olive and Arlo.