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Linda Finstad


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Eccentric and quirky are words often used to describe Linda Finstad and her
unique style of art. She not only portrays the outside of her subjects but also
gives each one a personality. Sometimes they are sweet sometimes they are
sassy. It doesn’t matter if it is an animal or an angel Linda gives them a voice
and they always have something to say.
Linda uses a variety of mediums to create her art including acrylic paint,
watercolour and some less conventional mediums such as coffee.
Everyday coffee Angels are Linda’s latest body of work, In her attempt to use
art as therapy and relieve the stress of Covid-19 Linda committed to paint an
angel a day using coffee as her medium. The angels express the turmoil of
emotions triggered by the pandemic. Linda not only created over 200 original
coffee angel paintings a line of greeting cards she also published 100 of her
coffee angels in a book titled “Just Not that Kind of Angel”.
Her work has been featured on several TV networks and received media
attention world wide. She even received a letter of recognition from her royal
highness the Queen of England.
You can see more of her unique art at