Lukas Sperling


April 15, 2021

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Well I grew up in Edmonton and my wife is from Washington state. We got married November 2019. I'm a psychology student at the U of A. I started pottery a little while ago and quickly realized that I really preferred throwing on the wheel to building everything by hand. Then, after realizing that I'd never be able to afford a wheel I decided to make my own. A couple months later I had a working prototype and it has gone through many iterations since. After we had a reliable system we tentatively began posting our art on Instagram under "From Dust Clayworks". Since then we have had such an adventure. We got orders from a local restaurant for bowls, from a local coffee roaster for many custom mugs and much more. We mix all of our own glazes and are constantly experimenting. We have messed around with harvesting our own clay with moderate success (hopefully coming soon!). We love to experiment with different techniques and try new things so feel free to ask what we can do! At the moment we specialize in functional dinnerware but we also do vases and larger art pieces.