Marc Neal


December 15, 2020

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My work has been developed through experimentation of the digital media. I have been working towards developing a style that is a hybrid of photography mixing it with textural elements. The objective is to add a level of depth that is not normally seen with photography alone. By taking what could be classified as documentary images combined with textured layers the image gains a depth that straight photography lacks, which is a more emotional connection with the original location/setting and with the viewer. My current body of work captures the landscapes and birds of Alberta. As I continue my experimentation I hope to develop the techniques to other areas. Today digital photography is so prevalent and there are so many wonderful images that cover a wide range of subjects. At some point they all seem to blend into a rather bland representation of the world and moments that we live in. My work begins with a strong digital image and is developed from there.   I began my artistic explorations at 8 years old and through the years tried many different media, from drawing, pen and ink, painting and sculpting but was always drawn to photography. I have studied art through the Alberta Gallery of Art in my early years and took many courses on technique throughout the years. Today with the development of sophisticated digital editing software I am able to explore a multitude of techniques to modify the images and from which my current collection has been developed.