Susen Falk-Kiez


July 14, 2021

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Born and raised in Calgary, Susen grew up dividing most weekends and holidays between the family farm and the mountains, while she enjoyed summers with family in Europe. This gave her ample inspiration with which to fill the sketchbooks she always carried with her. An only child, Suse developed a rich imagination  which she expressed through writing short stories, poetry, music, and by sketching.  Working extensively in acrylics Suse is best known for her whimsical animals, and her celebrated landscapes with their vivid, dramatic skies, all brought to life with contrasting and harmonious colors, rich textures, and bold compositions. Often messy, sometimes simplistic and stripped down, occasionally sentimental; Suse’s paintings are like life itself.  Susen’s work is showcased at The Apik Art Gallery, on Gallea, and on Only Local. Susen is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists as well as a curated member of RAWartists. Her work ienhances spaces throughout North America, Europe, and East Asia.  When she’s not in her art studio, you’re most likely to find Susen hiking with her two dogs, working in her gardens,, or enjoying a game of cards with her family.