Sylvie Pinard


September 27, 2020

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Born and raised in Montreal, during my youth I was introduced to the art world with charcoal drawing, oil painting and mosaic. My fascination for colours drove me toward oil painting, as at the time I was discovering the pleasure of applying colours to create my own images of the world. My love of colours - an important element of my visual language - is reflected in my creations.  In the pursuit of scientific academic studies, I put aside art to obtain a Ph.D. in geology with a specialization in micropaleontology. These studies led me to interesting work places such as the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Alberta, where I eventually set my roots. These environments allowed me to reconnect with nature and observe beauty through colour harmonies, textures and shapes/forms which then stimulated the development of my artistic styles and ideals. Since my return to painting in 2002, I have expanded my palette to new medias and focused on developing new techniques. Colours are at the core of my art and aim to invite the viewer to stop, and feel the energy or emotions triggered by them. My subjects range widely from landscape to abstract. My motto is:  Experiment, Learn and Create! You can see more of my art on my website: []( and also follow me on Instagram