Teresa Mirzaee


May 14, 2022

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I have been surrounded by inspiration and creativity all my life. Some of the influences started as early as 9 years old and when the personal events made a significant difference in my life. Without my awareness, as soon as I thought of an event or incident in my family, friend, me and in my surroundings, I took my brush and started painting something. My family seemed to be surprised how hard or good time was the fuel for my desire and creativity. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in my late 20's and lost most of my memory but there was always a flash back that made me pick up my brush. I always loved color and expressed myself through my artwork and comfort myself without realizing the outcome when picking up my brush and not to mention that the name of the painting doesn't represent the abstract art. This is why it has been a great journey for many other people to start a conversation and try to analyze them for hours and have fun with it since most of my artwork is abstract or sometimes animals. The interesting thing is that most of the time each artwork brings a true feeling of the person observing it. I love doing this for many years and will never stop making others interested in an art that makes them think and enjoy for years after years.  



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