Fleur de Lance

20"x 30" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas. While on a trip through Central America, I encountered a beautiful, yet deadly Fer de Lance snake. Unfortunately, the snake had to be killed for the protection of the people living nearby. I decided to honor its life by creating beauty from it’s death. Through this painting I explored the coexistence of beauty, peace and fragility in death. The portrayal of a creature many people find to be frightening and repulsive among beautiful and delicate orchids creates an interesting juxtaposition. I invite the viewer into an inquiry of their own presumptions, the often narrow beliefs we have about how things are, and allowing space for another aspect to show through.

Nature and wildlife
20"x 30"
Listed on
July 13, 2021


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Jilene Schafers

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Jilene Schafers
Fleur de Lance
20"x 30"
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