The Art Directory is a means to display your artwork with other artists.
In order to get you on our  Art Directory, you will need to fill out the application below.

There are three levels of membership:

1. Free membership. With this membership, you can add at least two pieces of your art to be displayed on our website.

2. Premium Membership. With this membership, you get to be on the front page of the site. You can have 10 pieces of artwork. You can also become one of the featured artists on the site. When advertising the site, you will also qualify to be a featured artist. The cost is $100 per year +GST

3. Super Premium Membership. (Not yet available)With this membership, you get all the perks of a premium membership and the fee for the site will never go up for you. You get this price per year for life. You will also qualify for more features on the site as well as artbylocals features on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Please make sure that the artwork is not bigger than 600 pixels on the largest size. No artwork is permitted as a profile picture. The video below is to help you figure out the process of registering for the site. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at: dorischarest@gmail.com

Step 1: Create your artist page

Create your artist page

Step 2: Add your artwork to your artist page

Add your artwork

Step 3: Upgrade to premium membership (optional)

Purchase membership